bookmark_borderThe Woks of Life Cookbook: Recipes to Know and Love from a Chinese American Family

I pre-ordered the book eons ago and it arrived the other day 🎉

The Woks of Life website has been my go-to for all the dishes my folks don’t have the patience to teach me. I plan to cook through everything in the book. My only wish is that they provided the Cantonese pronunciation of the dishes as well. I guess I can add that in myself.

The book is now available.

bookmark_borderBirdies Hot Chicken in Brockton, MA

We were running Halloween errands in the area and found this spot.

They only do hot chicken so we figured that they must be delicious and we were right. The chicken was SO tender and moist – better than Popeye’s (note: I compare all fried chicken to Popeye’s and it’s rare that any come out on top). The husband and I ordered the combo meal of just tenders and the sliders – mild and medium spicy levels. I’d suggest ordering the sliders because it comes with coleslaw and pickle. Also, the fries were just as good too.

Birdies Hot Chicken in Brockton, MA gets a 10/10.