bookmark_borderCoffee & Tea School Social

After dropping off the kiddo this morning, we hung out for a little bit with the school leads and other parents for a small social event. I felt so out of place. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I am someone’s actual mother. They never tell you how hard and awkward it is to try and make parent friends (…without any cocktails?!).

There were donuts and coffee. Sweet treats fix everything I suppose.

We chatted with a couple people and then left soon after.

bookmark_borderWowbutter…How About NOT Wowbutter?

I regret buying this and not looking more closely at the ingredients. Maybe the packaging messed with me because it looked so much like Skippy’s.

It had a chemical taste.

But, I used it to make some PB&J waffles which turned out not bad only because I added a LOT of jam.

In the words of the great Lee Min Ho, “Disgusting!“


wowbutter is gross and i regret buying it. do avoid. #disgusting #wowbutter

♬ DISGUSTING SHET – marielle


Food rules my life. It informs my memories, my artwork and what brings me joy.

The irony to all this is the fact that our 4 year old is a picky eater with some serious allergies to dairy – butter included! – and nuts. It can be a challenge to feed him, but one thing we do know is that he loves waffles. And so, I’ve been on a mission to create interesting waffle recipes as a vehicle to get him to try new foods.

I’ll be posting the waffle recipes here. Feel free to use them if you’d like – definitely tweak them to your preferences. I make no promises other than the fact that the kiddo eats them and gives us a thumbs up when I ask him what he thinks.