bookmark_borderCantonese Beef Rice Bowls

Hey hey hey, I used a cornstarch slurry for the first time 🎉

We had some ground beef that needed to be cooked up and found this recipe at The Woks of Life. It was so easy to make and so delicious – my mother even gave me a thumb’s up. Thank you The Woks of Life for being there to help me connect with my culture through food. I’d ask my mom to teach me but she neither offers any patience nor any measurements to anything.

I’m really happy with the way this dish turned out and this will definitely be added to the rotation of things I can make well.

bookmark_borderThe Woks of Life Cookbook: Recipes to Know and Love from a Chinese American Family

I pre-ordered the book eons ago and it arrived the other day 🎉

The Woks of Life website has been my go-to for all the dishes my folks don’t have the patience to teach me. I plan to cook through everything in the book. My only wish is that they provided the Cantonese pronunciation of the dishes as well. I guess I can add that in myself.

The book is now available.